Claire Mc Kevitt
Stage Age 15, Dublin South, Slim build, Height 5ft 7in

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Quite natural looking as I'm always told I look better without make up or very little... But for glamour/period/modern& on going screen work make up can work wonders!:). I am very lucky& blessed to look very young and cute so to speak as well as mature...glamorous, sexy&sultry. I have also played young speaking male roles just as much as glamour modelling types!.


Dancing, singing, swimming, horse riding , I'm very good at entertaining, the "Limbo'...not to mention my many moves of dancing from ballroom, tango salsa dancing hip hop to classical opera music


I have a lot of TV on screen camera starting with Fair city where I started extra work& a few walk on small speaking parts over the years including (Filains shop&Auctioneers)I played Pierce Brosans niece in Evelyn my very first film, speaking part (waitress) in Prince William story (Sky), Give my head piece speaking role with one if main characters Glamour bikini model), "Anytime now" Pr Executive/girlfriend Karl sheilds starring Angelina ball, Ulysses James Joyce story (main Love interest of James J, many voice overs, Featured Commercials including Carlsberg, Aib, Vodafone...I played Alison doodys double cast in Clinic Rte, I'm sure missing out a few ?! I'm more well known from my role in Love hate which was my main acting job after taking time off from TV and doing putting theatre drama under my belt to complete my acting/drama equity degree where I completed&graduated with distinction in my Trinty Guildhall, in these two years I payed various characters mainly main/speaking parts in our performing arts including Medieval,modern ,

Contact Information
Name:Miss Claire Mc Kevitt
Address:55 Ashley Hall
Saint Edmunds Park
Dublin 20
Day Phone:01 6433896
Evening Phone:‭0851688988
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Email Address:clairedelune007 at icloud dot com
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